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Summary of Executive meeting and training – November 2020

Summary of Executive meeting and training – November 2020

The below dot points is a brief summary from the executive meeting and training that was held on Saturday 14 November 2020.


  • Cabinetry in the training room has been installed


  • Nil call outs
  • Graham attended the Captains meeting; our Brigade has been identified for an upgrade to some of our fleet
  • Next BF assessment weekend is on 12 – 13 December 2020


  • Lanyon Pharmacy will be raising money for the Colinton Brigade during December, including a fundraising BBQ.

Community Engagement

  • The Membership Team have met and have identified current members who would be good buddies / mentors for the new members.

Other business

  • Long Service Medal and Premiers Citation presentations to be held on Saturday 12 December 2020 commencing at 4pm, followed by a Christmas BBQ
  • A facebook site is being developed


  • Training consisted of radios (the different types, who uses what, how to change channels), Kestrels (how to take a weather report) and T cards.