Emergency call: Triple Zero (000)

About Us


The Colinton Brigade covers an area of 25,177 hectares (61,787 acres) of the Monaro. The boundaries of the Colinton area are from Clearview Road in the North, Clear Range to the West, Calabash to the East and Gungoandra Creek to the South.


The brigade was formed in July 1989 with about 25 members which has increased over the years to about 45 members in 2020. The members undertake a variety of roles from operational, support to leadership roles.


The fleet has changed over the years, commencing with a Toyota Landcruiser, an old D1610 International truck category (cat) 1 four wheel drive truck, plus numerous private trucks and farm utes. Over the years the Brigade has received new and second hand vehicles, a new cat 7 (Colinton 7A) in 1996, a cat 7 (Colinton 7B) in 1998, a second hand cat 1 (Colinton 1) in 2002, a second hand cat7 (Colinton 7C) in 2009 and a new cat 7 (Colinton 7C) in 2013. This vehicle replaced the old Colinton 7C. In October 2021 Colinton 7A was removed from service and a replacement Cat 9 was part of the brigades fleet until the new appliance arrived. On 31 December 2021, the new Colinton 7A was handed to the brigade.

We currently have the 4 truck’s in our fleet as shown below.

Colinton 1

  • Category 1 vehicle
  • Isuzu 700
  • 5 person crew
  • 4,000 litre water capacity
  • GVM 12.500kg

Colinton 7A

  • Category 7 vehicle
  • Isuzu NPS55N
  • 3 person crew
  • 1,500 litre water capacity
  • GVM 7,500kg

Colinton 7B

  • Category 7 vehicle
  • Mitsubishi Canter 500 / 600
  • 3 person crew
  • 1,200 litre water capacity
  • GVM 5,000kg

Colinton 7C

  • Category 7 vehicle
  • Isuzu NPS55N
  • 3 person crew
  • 1,500 litre water capacity
  • GVM 6,500kg


Since the Colinton Brigade was formed, members have attended numerous campaign fires locally and out of area. Some include; Sydney, ACT fires in 2003, Blue Mountains, Dargo (VIC), Dorrigo, Grafton, Mt Dowling, Yarrabin, Murrumbucca and the Tea Tree fires at Michelago.

The summer of 2019 – 2020 saw the Colinton Brigade assist the RFS across the state, including the Clear Range fire that impacted the Colinton area on Saturday 1 February 2020.


The area of Colinton was originally part of the Michelago Brigade, however the southern community members with the assistance of Peter Cochran, the first Fire Control Officer in Cooma before moving into NSW Government, lobbied the local community for the next 4 years seeking there assistance to form a new brigade, as the Michelago area at the time was run by 2 separate shires.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Colinton Brigade was held in July 1989 at the Bredbo Hall. Since then there have been 4 Captains of the Brigade;

  • David Davies 1989 – 1990
  • Geoff Povey 1990 – 1994
  • Michael White 1994 – 2004
  • Graham Povey 2004 – present

The fire shed was funded by the local Cooma Council and constructed in 1997 with the assistance of builders and local members. Before the construction of the fire shed, brigade meetings were held in the shearing shed of a local grazier and the vehicles were parked in the local members sheds. The construction of the fire shed put Colinton on the map. The training room was constructed in 2007, with a $30,000 grant, and donations from members and the community.