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Summary of Executive meeting and training – July 2020

Summary of Executive meeting and training – July 2020

The below dot points is a brief summary from the executive meeting and training that was held on Saturday 11 July 2020.


  • The traffic on the Monaro Highway is increasing and there have been incidents of some dangerous driving. Everyone is to take care.
  • A hazard reduction is planned for August, weather permitting, at 5266 Monaro Highway


  • On 7 July 2020 the Brigade submitted the grant application for the NSW RFS & Brigades Donations Fund – Brigade Grant Application.

Community Engagement

  • The Brigade will register for the Get Ready Weekend to be held on the weekend of 19 / 20 September 2020. More information to follow.


  • All trucks have been serviced
  • There were some issues with the electricity supply within the fire shed and training room, circuit breakers tripping, an electrician has been requested to attend and investigate the faults

Other business

  • An expression of interest has been submitted with yless4u to provide an internet service to the fire shed.


There were 2 parts to the training, 1 for the new members to continue with the skill cards and Bob ran a session for the others.

Bob’s training focused on the value of taking notes on the fire ground. Using a light hearted indoor exercise. This then developed into a general sharing of observations about command and control, drawing particularly on observations from the lengthy 2019/2020 fire season.