Emergency call: Triple Zero (000)

Summary of Executive meeting and training – October 2020

Summary of Executive meeting and training – October 2020

The below dot points is a brief summary from the executive meeting and training that was held on Saturday 10 October 2020.


  • Nil call outs
  • Graham will attend the BF assessment weekend on 17 – 18 October 2020


  • The Brigade was successful in obtaining the funds for the Brigade Grant Application.

Community Engagement

  • An A5 flyer was distributed to all mailboxes at the end of September advising of the commencement of the fire season on 1 October and information on how to continue to prepare their properties.
  • Part of the A5 flyer and on the website was advertised to the community members of the house visit’s by the Brigade.

Other business

  • A facebook site is being developed


  • Presentation from Tanya regarding the call out procedures
  • Bob facilitated a group discussion with members about the experiences they had during the last fire season.