Emergency call: Triple Zero (000)

Why come to Training

To be able to respond rapidly at a fire event is crucial. To be able to do this, here are a few points as to why attending training is essential.

  • Get to know your fellow members which is essential for teamwork
  • Become proficient at operating equipment effectively at a fire event
  • Get to know the fire trucks – they are all different
  • Get to know how to communicate through the radios
  • We often don’t attend enough fire events in a year to maintain skills
  • Repetition is essential – “muscle memory”
  • Equipment and technology keep changing
  • Maps are no longer being printed – moving to electronic devices
  • Central dispatch from Sydney is coming
  • Call-out system through RFS Activ is coming
  • Get to know your area – local knowledge
  • Get to know the roles in the Brigade that suit you best
  • For recognition of service, a sufficient level of training and skills throughout the period of service, is taken into account.