Emergency call: Triple Zero (000)


Next training 10 April 2021


13 March 2021

13 February 2021
Discussion and property visits focusing on property protection and fire behaviour – read more

9 January 2021
Fire behaviour and two property visits – read more


12 December 2020
Long Service Medal and NSW Premier’s Citation presentations – read more

14 November 2020
Training consisted of radios (the different types, who uses what, how to change channels), Kestrels (how to take a weather report) and T cards – read more

10 October 2020
Call out procedures and group discussion about experiences during the 2019/2020 fire season – read more

12 September 2020
A hazard reduction burn occurred at 5266 Monaro Highway – read more

8 August 2020
Truck familiarisation and a drafting/pumping exercise – read more

11 July 2020
Skill cards for new members and a group discussion on the 2019/2020 fire season – read more

11 April 2020
Scenario based team building exercise involving navigation and using different radios.

14 March 2020
Navigation training using grid references and compass bearings.

8 February 2020
Casual get together after a very busy fire season. Clean up of the shed and trucks.

11 January 2020
Extensive check of all trucks and a re-stock after heavy usage during the current fires.


14 December 2019
Drafting at the river and an overrun presentation/discussion.

9 November 2019
Containment line fire fighting drills, drafting and dry fire fighting techniques.

12 October 2019
Pumps, drafting, pumping and dry fire fighting techniques.